BLM Partners with Traveling Trainers to Educate on Leave No Trace

WINNEMUCCA, NV – The Bureau of Land Management, Winnemucca District, Humboldt River Field Office and Leave No Trace are partnering with the Humboldt County School District and Superintendent Dr. Dave Jensen to teach youth about responsible recreation practices along with encourage them to play outside!

On Friday, November 16, Leave No Trace’s Traveling Trainers will be conducting youth awareness workshops at Grass Valley Elementary. There will be four workshops at Grass Valley with the kindergarteners, first graders, and third graders.

On Saturday, November 17, the Traveling Trainers will be at Water Canyon Recreation Area and Bloody Shins providing trail outreach on Leave No Trace principles and practices. Additionally, a local mountain biking group, led by Triton Manzo, will be conducting trail work and clean-up at Bloody Shins Mountain Bike Trail System starting at 10am on Saturday.

Leave No Trace is a national nonprofit organization that protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. Leave No Trace’s Traveling Trainers offer hands-on, science-based minimum impact education training for recreational activities.

To learn more about Leave No Trace Land Ethics, come Saturday, November 17, to Water Canyon or Bloody Shins between 10am and 3pm for a day of hiking, biking, disc golf, and environmental education. For more information or questions, please contact Gabrielle Lukins at or (775) 623-1704.

Courtesy: Fernando Pitones, Sr., Public Affairs Officer, Winnemucca BLM