WPD Suggests Locking Your Vehicles

On Sept. 2nd – 3rd, Winnemucca Police Department received several reports of vehicle burglaries occurring in the 2900 to 3100 blocks of Frontier Street in which firearms were reported to have been taken from a couple of the vehicles.  Winnemucca Police Department is currently developing leads regarding a person of interest believed to be connected to these burglaries.

In the meantime, we would encourage the public to be vigilant in locking their vehicles and removing any valuables.   These types of crimes are often considered crimes of opportunities in which suspect(s) will walk down quiet neighborhood streets and check car door handles for unlocked vehicles.  As such, we encourage residents to contact The Winnemucca Police Department at 623-6396 or dispatch at 623-6429 if you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Courtesy: Winnemucca Police Department