Martin Creek Fire Continues to Grow


According to Norm Rooker, a public information officer with the Great Basin Type 2 Incident Management, the Martin Creek Fire is now over 300,000 acres with 505 square miles burned.  The fire started at Martin Creek, which poses as it’s western boundary.  The northern is Greeley Ranch Road and the southern edge is the Little Humboldt Ranch.  The rocky soil is holding dozers at 2 mph while the fire burns between 2 and 11 mph.  The conditions are similar to the 1999 fires in our area.  There is between 200% and 1000% ‘fuel load’ on the ground which contributes to the fast flames that present up to forty-five feet high flame walls.  People are urged to stay out of the area as the fire burns east into Elko County.

According to Rooker there is a large amount of air support that is working to slow the advance and cool the fire.  Dozer lines are hard pressed in the rough, rocky terrain to create fire lines.  The current goals of keeping the northern and southern boundaries are keeping the flames from creating new fronts.

All of this information was current as of 11:30am this morning.  The next update from Rooker will be tomorrow afternoon.

People are urged to stay away from the fire. We will continue to update you as information becomes available.