Eastern Region Fishing Report Updated May 10th


Courtesy: NDOW


The lake is ice covered and the road to Angel Lake is closed.  NDOT plans to start working on clearing the road next week, but workers may be pulled off for other jobs depending upon priority.  Their goal is to have it open by Memorial Day Weekend.


Cave Lake has been fishing has been good for 9 to 11inch trout.  The usual PowerBait or worms as well as small spinners, panther Martins or rooster tails should all work.  Approximately 8000 trout were stocked here over in April.


Cold Creek is ice free and fishing should be good.  Anglers should do well on Power Bait, Mepps, Panther Martins, and nightcrawlers.  Flyfishers will do well on nymphs and emerger patterns.  Cold Creek has been stocked with approximately 2100 trout this spring.


The lake is at capacity and anglers have been catching quality rainbow trout over 16 inches off a variety of bait, lures, and flies. Anglers should do well on Power Bait, Mepps, Panther Martins, and nightcrawlers.  Fly fishers will do well on smaller nymphs and emerger patterns.  Comins was recently stocked with approximately 4600 thirteen inch trout and 5000 nine inch trout


The reservoir is sitting at approximately 95% of capacity.  Anglers should do well on Power Bait, Mepps, Panther Martins, and nightcrawlers.  This time of year fly rodders should be using black or olive wooly buggers as well as chironomids, hare’s ears, leech patterns and PT nymphs.


No significant weed growth yet and fishing has been good the past couple of weeks.  Anglers can use a variety of presentations including worms, PowerBait, spinners and flies.  Chironomids, wooly buggers, hares ears, prince nymphs and damselfly nymphs are recommended. The lake was stocked with approximately 3,000 eight inch fish last week.


Very little change here as fishing for trout has been fair to good at Zunino. The water level is low, which should have the fish concentrated, though anglers may have to walk through some mud in areas to reach the shoreline.  PowerBait, nightcrawlers, and dark spinners with some red or yellow accents seem to be working.  Brown or olive nymphs as well as red copper Johns and blood worm patterns for fly fishermen are good choices.  Jiggs was stocked with approximately 3100 eight to ten inch trout two weeks ago.


Streambanks still treacherous in the canyons with some snow and in many areas very muddy. Anglers should be aware that as you approach the streams, the roads often become quite soft and it is easy to get stuck.  Fishing has been slow in most streams due to turbidity and high flows.  However, the snow pack is below average and flows are coming down and clearing.   Cleve Creek in White Pine County was stocked with approximately 1000 rainbow trout averaging just under 10” two weeks ago.  Nymphing and small spinners or dead drifting a worm are your best bets in the streams.


Most of the lakes are iced up and due to snow pack, travel is not recommended in the higher elevations at this time.  However, with the light snow pack and warmer weather, trails may start opening up in late May.


Fishing continues to be good at the collection ditch.  The water is clear and levels are good.  Small spinners and minnow imitations were producing some fish for spin fishermen, but fly rodders were doing better.  Fly rodders should be using hare’s ears, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, midge patterns, leeches, and wooly buggers. On the warmer afternoons, there have been some small mayfly and midge hatches so blue winged olives, Griffith’s gnats, and small Adams are all worth a try.


Fishing has slowed once again at South Fork, though those fish being caught are nice fish.  Fly rodders seem to be doing better than bait or gear fishermen.  While fishing is slow to fair, anglers report catching some trout along the northeast side of the lake between the campground and the dam.­ The south end of the lake is also starting to produce wipers and some bass as the surface water temperatures climb into the high 50’s.  The secret to wipers is to get the lure or fly moving very fast.   Most bait anglers are having some success for trout with PowerBait or worms, while fly rodders should be using chironomids, hares ears, prince nymphs, balanced leeches and buggers.  Small dark spinners and minnow imitating lures with some red in them are also worth a try.  South Fork has been stocked with approximately 16,000 eight to ten inch trout over the past couple of weeks and 15,000 five to six inch channel catfish on Wednesday, April 25. Regulations state that black bass may not be kept between March 1 and June 30, it is catch and release only.  One wiper 15 inches or longer may be kept.


Fishing continues to be good at Wildhorse, with fish averaging 14 to 18 inches with the occasional 20+ inch fish coming in.  Anglers report success all along the state park shoreline, Hendricks arm, Penrod and north to the last cove before the canyon to the dam.  On the west side, fishing has been good near the warm springs.  Sherbet and rainbow PowerBait seems to be working well, but anglers report catching trout on worms, spinners, small spoons and evens small minnow imitations.  For fly rodders should be using most common nymph patterns such as hares ears, prince, PT’s and damselfly nymphs.  Other flies to try include leeches, balanced leeches, and wooly buggers. Wildhorse Reservoir was stocked with approximately 15,000 five to six inch channel catfish on Wednesday, April 25.  Approximately 9,000 eight inch fish were stocked in Wildhorse last week. The dock is in the water for boaters to use at the State Park boat ramp.


Due to a damaged outflow structure, the lake has completely drained.  Barrick Gold is in the process of wrapping up the work on the dam.  Unfortunately, with a mild winter, the snow pack isn’t enough to allow the capture of water this summer.  NDOW will be performing some habitat improvements to the bottom of the lake later this summer while the lake is empty to provide cover for crappie and other fish.


The road to Wilson is very rough, so take it slow.  The lake is spilling, barely, but it is spilling. There is not much snow pack in the mountains, so don’t expect it to spill very long and there won’t be many fish going over to the pools below the spillway.  The surface water temperature is in the mid to high 50’s, clearing up, and fishing for trout has been fair to good in the lake itself.  The same techniques and presentations that work at South Fork should work here.

Courtesy: Nevada Department of Wildlife

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