Deputy Honored with James D. Hoff Survivor Award

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen is pleased to announce that on May 4, 2018, Deputy Manda Sue Howard was the recipient of the James D. Hoff Survivor Award in Reno, Nevada.  This award is presented each year to those law enforcement personnel that have encountered life-threatening ordeals and survived.

On February 7, 2017 at approximately 2240 hours, Winnemucca Police Department units were dispatched to a residential structure fire.  Due to the extreme nature of the call, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office units also responded.  The first to arrive was Deputy Manda Howard.  Deputy Howard heard yelling, and located two men who were behind the burning building, between the fire and the fence that separated Hanson Street from the apartment complex.

Deputy Howard realized that the men were directing her to a seventy-two-year-old female, who was apparently the resident of the burning apartment.  Deputy Howard climbed the fence, and jumped over.  She saw the elderly female lying on her stomach on the ground within 2 feet of the flames.  Although she had gotten out of the burning building, the victim apparently was in shock and did not want to move further from the flames, which were now flying 30-40 feet in the air.  Deputy Howard observed that the victim’s shirt was melting into the skin on her back, and that some of the victim’s burnt skin was bubbling.

Deputy Howard asked the victim if she could stand, in which she replied she could not.  Deputy Howard grabbed the victim’s arms and dragged her away from the flames.  Although the victim was in obvious excruciating pain, and kept yelling at Deputy Howard, Deputy Howard continued until she had moved the victim a safe distance away from the burning building.  As HGH EMS-Rescue personnel arrived on scene, Deputy Howard notified the medics and helped facilitate the victims care.   Had Deputy Howard not taken swift action, and without concern to her own safety, the victim would have perished in the flames that night, or in the very least, received injuries far more serious that what she received.

Deputy Howard’s actions during the incident are a credit to her service as a Deputy Sheriff to the citizens of Humboldt County.

Courtesy: Lt. Sean Wilkin, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

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