Fishing Season is Nearly Here

20″ Walleye from Chimney sampled during survey

Every spring, as the weather warms up, fisherman everywhere get the itch to visit their favorite waters.  Brad Bauman, Nevada Department of Wildlife’s fisheries biologist stopped in for an update to our local waters.  As weather permits, Bauman assures Buckaroo Broadcasting that stocking efforts will begin in the next few weeks for waters that are accessible.  Those include local waters such as Water Canyon and Sonoma Creek.  The lower streams in Paradise Valley are also on the list, including Cottonwood and lower Martin Creek.  Thacker Pond outside of Orovada, as well as Bilk Creek reservoir will also soon receive fish.  As snow levels recede and the ground dries, Lye Creek, Cabin Creek, and Upper Martin Creek will be next.  Around the middle of May NDOW will set their sites on Blue Lake, Onion and Knott Creek.

Onion Reservoir was emptied late last season due to repairs on the outlet structure.  That maintenance was completed, water levels began to rise enough that fish were planted before the end of 2017.  While there hasn’t been much snow, water levels are high enough that additional fish will be planted this spring.

Willow Creek Reservoir also suffered failure to the outlet structure, which resulted in the water being drained.  There is no repair date, at this time.  The repairs are a bit more complex than Onion saw but efforts are being made and we will provide updates, as they become available.

11″ Black Crappie sampled during survey on Chimney

Chimney Reservoir saw the addition of Tiger Muskie a few years ago, in efforts to help control the numbers of carp.  These fish are catch and release only at this time.  There are signs around the area to help identify the species to fishermen.  There was a good crappie spawn last year.  The water levels are currently high but, if you can find them, crappie fishing should be fun.  Bauman suggests using a white rubber jig when water clarity is low.

Bilk Creek Reservoir will be stocked with trout in the next two or three weeks.  Trout fishing should be good until summer arrives and then large mouthed bass fishing will pick up during the morning and evenings.  Bluegill were added a few years ago; there haven’t been many reported, but they are a fighting fish although small.  For trout try spinners or lure masters; bank fishers should try Powerbait and worms.  If you enjoy fly-fishing try nymphs or bead-headed nymphs.  Bass enjoy top water poppers on a spinning rod or cork poppers on a flyrod.  There haven’t been suggestions on bluegill but try a rubber jig with a small hook.

Rye Patch Reservoir has seen aggressive stocking efforts since the 2015 die off.  Bauman and the NDOW have planted anything they could get their hands on.  Walleye, both fry and catchable sizes have been introduced.  Other fish include Wipers, Crappie, and Bluegill.  There are catchable sizes of every species available, but the reservoir has lots of water in it.  The Sacramento Blackfish survived the die-off and growth rates of predatory fish have been phenomenal.  If you are trying for Walleye or Wipers, Bauman suggests trolling with a Rapala; slow it down for Walleye and go a bit faster for Wiper.  Try white rubber jigs during low water quality for Crappie.  If you enjoy Catfish, try a strong scented bait at night.

Just a quick reminder, June 9th is Free Fishing Day across Nevada.  The Kids Fishing Derby will also be on the 9th at Andorno Pond on Wilson’s Ranch outside of Orovada.  Efforts on the Community Pond continue.  Thanks goes out to everyone who donates time, effort, and materials.  Those interested in seeing the progress can drive by on Rhinehardt.

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