Police Bookings Through 3/6/18

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 February 21st         

Joseph Kincaid, age 27, was arrested for battery and domestic violence, Bail is $3000.

Joseph Kincaid



February 25th

Vince Guzman, age not provided, was arrested for malicious destruction of private property, property tampering/injury a motor vehicle and intimidate a public officer, Bail is $6495.

Vince Guzman



March 1st  

David Leon, age 51, was arrested for hit and run, property damage, and obstructs an officer, Bail is $2280.

David Leon

George Smith, age 27, was arrested for a failure to appear warrant, Bail is $1140.

George Smith

Robert Wilson, age 44, was arrested failure to appear on a traffic citation, Bail is $240.

Robert Wilson



March 2nd  

Frank Echave, age 49, was arrested for trespass and obstruction, Bail is $1340.

Frank Echave

Jaime Rose, age 25, was arrested for battery on a health care worker, child neglect and obstruction, Bail is $6180.

Jaime Rose



March 4th  

Jose Barajas, age 19, was arrested for transport of a control substance (10 pounds of marijuana), Bail is $34,380.

Jose Barajas

Stratford Jones, age 19, was arrested for transport of a control substance (10 pounds of marijuana), Bail is $29,990.

Stratford Jones



March 6th

William Turner, age 37, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant on 2 traffic related charges, Bail is $710.

William Turner

Ashley Andrews, age 31, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, Bail is $5640.

Ashley Andrews


Disclaimer: All pictures and arrest information is gathered from public information contained from the Winnemucca Police Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s reports. All charges and citations do not imply guilt and will be decided in a court of law.

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