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Summer is fast approaching.  If you are looking for the perfect place to perfect your abs or are just getting into fitness for the first time, Winnemucca has four centers to help you get on track.  While three of our local clubs offer weight training and cardio, one specializes in cardio for women.  Buckaroo Broadcasting reached out to the Fitness Zone, Flex Fitness, the E.L. Weigand Fitness Center, and Kaia Fit.

Flex Fitness at 1059 W. 4th Street, in the Ridley’s Shopping Center, offers twenty-four-hour access to the facility with staff available during daytime hours.  Membership starts at $39.99 with family plans starting at $100.  Discounts are offered to seniors, law enforcement, EMS, select mines, and Lowry students.  There is also a non-expiring 10 visit punch card available.  The gym has many universal machines, along with free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, step mills, and stationary bikes.  Spin classes, with certified instructors, are offered at various times in the week and are included in the price of the membership.  The well-being and security of members is a top concern of Flex Fitness.  With the 24-hour, 365 access cameras are placed at the door and throughout the gym to ensure everyone’s safety.  Cleaning is done twice a day with hospital approved disinfectants.  The equipment is wiped down and flooring is swept, vacuumed and mopped.  Energy and other drinks are offered on site.  For more information stop by or call (775) 625-3539.


The newest addition to Winnemucca is the E.L. Weigand Fitness Center in the Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca.  The hours of operation are currently Monday through Friday 5:30a – 7pm and Saturday, Sunday 9a – 2p.  The hours and availability are subject to change for holidays and special events.  Staff is available during operation.  The cost of membership is $50 for a single adult (23-59) and $80 two adults up to a family of four with $10 for each additional child.  Seniors 60+ are $30 for a single and $50 for a couple.  Youth (12-22) are $30.  The center boasts an indoor walking track with ellipticals, exercise bikes, stair machines, universal machines, and many free weights.  Yoga classes with a certified instructor are available at an extra cost.  Customers can feel safe knowing that day-use lockers are available in the dressing rooms.  The center utilizes a biodegradable cleaning product and the facility is cleaned each day.  For more information stop by 1973 Whitworth Way or call (775) 623-7993.

The Fitness Zone is located at 591 Anderson Street.  We reached out to the owners of this establishment but hadn’t received a reply at the time of this publication.  According to their Facebook site, they offer Zumba, TRX, and yoga along with spin bike classes.  They also have free weights and machines.  Prices start at $39.99 for twenty-four hour access.  They also offer on-site child day care.  For more information stop by or call (775) 625-2020.

Kaia Fit is located at 5330 S. Grass Valley Rd.  This club is dedicated to helping women reach their fitness goals.  Services include Kaia Cross-Training, TRX/Suspension, Run Training, Yoga, and Nutrition Support and Guidance.  Other amenities include manuals, cookbooks, meal plans, personal training in a group atmosphere, new challenges every six to ten weeks, along with award parties to celebrate success.  Drop in classes are available at $15 and monthly membership starts at $59.  Discounts for state, county and city employees are available as well as student and those in a military family; some employer discounts are also offered.  For customer safety cameras are throughout the location, as well as at the door and lockers are available for personal effects.  To promote healthy lives the equipment is cleaned each use and the entire facility is deep cleaned each week.  For more information stop by, visit their website, or call (775) 625-8377 or (775) 304-3355.  They are also active on social media and have a Facebook site through which contact and information is available.

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