Police and Sheriff’s Arrest Reports through February 4th, 2018

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January 10th

Kami Lynn Day, age 32, was transported from Idaho to Humboldt County Detention Center for outstanding warrants.  No bail was awarded.

Kami Lynn Day

January 17th

Luke Loren Rudolph, age 22, was arrested for misdemeanor intoxicated in public; bail is $355.

Luke Loren Rudolph

January 18th

Armando Acevedo Jr., age 25, was arrested for driving without a valid license, suspended plates, and no proof of insurance; bail is $1290.

Armando Acevedo, Jr.

January 23rd

Gary Henry, age 71, was arrested for trespass; bail is $195.

Gary Henry

January 25th

Nicholas Spencer, age 38, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance; no bail was awarded.

Nicolas Spencer

January 30th

Jimmy Guerrero, age 32, was arrested for disorderly conduct; bail is $355.

Jimmy Guerrero

January 31st

Jessica Frost, age 21, was arrested for burglary possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia; bail is $25,640.

Jessica Frost

Cullen Hume, age 19, was arrested for burglary; bail is $20,000.

Cullen Hume

February 1st

Jordan Ouimet, age 25, was arrested for prohibited person in possession of a firearm; bail is $20,000.

Jordan Ouimet

Carlos Torres, age 27, was arrested for grand larceny of a vehicle, bail is $10,000.

Carlos Torres

February 3rd

Charles Jackson, age 47, was arrested for aiming a firearm at another and assault with a deadly weapon; bail is $45,000.

Charles Jackson

February 4th

Crystal Lynn Johnson, age 36, was arrested for fugitive from justice and possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription; no bail was awarded.

Crystal Lynn Johnson

Disclaimer: All pictures and arrest information are gathered from public information obtained from the Winnemucca Police Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reports. All charges and citations do not imply guilt and will be decided in a court of law.

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