Donations Needed after Fire

Imagine your animals frantically waking you from a deep sleep in the middle of the night and trying to rouse yourself to investigate the problem only to discover that your house is fully involved in fire and you only have a few precious moments to call 911 and rescue what you can from the house before fleeing for your life.  That’s exactly the experience of Kristen Bradley on Sunday, February 4th.  Her husband had been called into work and was eighty miles away from her and she had to face this emergency on her own.

Upon learning of the fire, her husband Justin frantically raced to her side only to discover that their home and belongings were a total loss, including the dogs who had saved Kristen’s life by refusing to let her sleep through the devastation.  The shock, the loss, the grief and the investigations by Fire, and the Insurance companies when you’re still in a state of disbelief can be challenging to cope with.  Then comes, “Now what?  How do you begin to rebuild from a loss like this? It appears to be impossible and it’s easy to totally lose heart.

But, then your family steps in, the Red Cross extends a hand, your community steps up to offer solace and offer materials to start with the rebuild of your life.  That is how our community in Winnemucca expresses it’s love and concern and that kind of care in situations like these.  We extend heartfelt thanks heartfelt thanks to our church Christlife Ministries, our community, our emergency services professionals, the Red Cross and all those involved in these efforts to help the Bradleys rebuild their lives.  The need continues and if you would like to help we are providing a list of things that remain to be supplied in this effort or you can go to their GoFundMe.com under ‘Help the Bradley’s after the Fire’.

Individuals looking to donate can contact Pastor Allen Peavy with Christlife Family Ministries at (775) 421-6401 or email at pastorallen@att.net .  At this point in time a “drop off” point is being established for peoples’ donations but if interested parties contact Pastor Allen he will accept them at 38 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

Men’s pants 37×36

Men’s shirts 1XL

Shoes size 9 ½

Women’s clothes

Pants 9/10

Blouses size large

Shoes size 7

Dishes Glassware


Couch and Love seat


Dining Room set

Queen size bed

Curtains Bed Sheets and blankets for Queen size bed

Chests of Drawers

Towels and wash cloths



Washer and dryer




Courtesy: Pastor Allen

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