Business Spotlight: CB Browns Hardware Store

Jeff Garijo

CB Browns Company owner Jeff Garijo tell Buckaroo Broadcasting about the rich family history going back 5 generation of ownership in serving the community of Winnemucca.

One area of the hardware store that Jeff is especially proud of is their sporting goods area that focuses on hunting and fishing that meets many of the communities needs.

CB Browns has a very experienced staff when it comes to talking about firearms with their customers. This  part of the business has grown to where they can serve most everyone’s firearms needs.

One are that CB Browns has focused on improving is their paint department. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of that old paint left because all CB Browns needs is just a small sample to match it to your current paint as Jeff tells Buckaroo Broadcasting.

How many times have you needed something for a rather large project but you really didn’t want to spend all of the money for that piece of  equipment that you would only use maybe once a year, well CB Browns offers a great rental program for that equipment.

Next, we will talk about the furniture side of the business with owner Jeff Garijo as his company continues to be a staple in the city of Winnemucca.

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