HGH’s Emergency Department Expansion is Completed

Humboldt General Hospital’s Emergency Department stands ready to launch a new era of emergency patient care in Humboldt County.

The ER project is the fifth and final phase of construction in a seven-year-plan. The six-month renovation and expansion project resolve privacy, infection control and storage issues, it also addressed the potential emergency needs of a very diverse community.

The new Emergency Department has doubled the number of patient rooms from four to eight, which means patients can usually be roomed immediately Perhaps most noteworthy is that all rooms have sliding glass doors and privacy curtains. The new unit even includes a system where ER staff can monitor patients individually or at the same time, as needed.

Humboldt General Hospital’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The unit’s entrance faces Mizpah Street, and is directly across the street from the skate park at Paul Vesco City Park.

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