GBC Invites Public to Participate on Task Force Teams

Great Basin College will launch four task teams to gather input and make recommendations to GBC President Joyce Helens in four related areas of the college.  The kick-off meeting for all 4 teams will be Thursday, January 11 at 2 p.m.

The team topics have been refined, as suggested by Great Basin College staff:

  1. College Revitalization: What comprises the “college experience” among the markets we serve and how do we strengthen that?
  2. College Athletics: What are our community and student expectations?
  3. GBC Latino Student Population: How have we prepared for the tremendous growth in this student population?
  4. New Programs: What are the needs in the geographical areas we serve that warrant expansion or creation of new programming?

If you would like to participate on a team, contact Mardell Wilkins at 775-753-2265 or email mardell.wilkins@gbcnv.edu by January 11. The live meeting will be held at the GBC Winnemucca Center room 123.

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