Distracted Driving Campaign is Now in Effect


Lieutenant Garrison of the Winnemucca Police Department told Buckaroo Broadcasting that they are teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to help cut down on distracted driving. Garrison tells everyone when the campaign starts.

Lt. Garrison clear defines what is considered distracted driving so all drivers need to be aware to just concentrated on driving.

It is amazing if you just drive down the streets of Winnemucca and see a number of people using their cell phones, putting on make-up or eating and Lt. Garrison talks about some of the things he has seen.

Lt. Garrison offers his best advice to help the public when it comes to distracted driving.

For resources about distracted driving, please visit:


For more information on Joining Forces and other statewide traffic safety programs, please visit http://www.zerofatalitiesnv.com.

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