Police Bookings Through 12/4/17

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 November 20th    

Alexis Acevedo, age 19, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant, Bail $950 cash only.

Alexis Acevedo

Armando Acevedo, age 25, was arrested for trespass, Bail is $195.

Armando Acevedo



November 25th   

Tara Black, age 30, was arrested for trespassing and resist a public officer, Bail is $1295.

Tara Black



November 29th

Michael Fox, age 31, was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property, Bail is $40,000.

Michael Fox

Samantha Parker, age 42, was arrested on a failure to appear on a traffic citation, Bail is $395.

Samantha Parker

Drew McCormick, age 23, was arrested for a failure to appear, Bail is $1410.

Drew McCormick

Theodore Vallieres, age 49, was arrested for possession of a stolen firearm, Bail is $10,000.

Theodore Vallieres



November 30th

Roland Smith, age 47, was arrested after stopped for a minor traffic violation and it shown he had an outstanding felony warrant out of California, Bail is $250,000.

Roland Smith

Jimmy Guerrero, age 32, was for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to appear, Bail is $6980.

Jimmy Guerrero

Jamilets Cervantes, age 19, was arrested after a traffic stop and had less than one ounce of marijuana, Bail is $740.



December 1st

Gerardo Solis, age 39, was arrested for 2 outstanding gross misdemeanor warrants, Bail is $10,000.

Gerardo Solis

Gregory Wright, age 60, was arrested for domestic violence/battery and acts which constitute domestic violence, Bail is $3000.

Gregory Wright



December 2nd

Jeremiah Turner, age 37, was arrested possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance, Bail is $5640.

Jeremiah Turner

Jenelle Harold, age 26, was arrested for on a failure to appear warrant, Bail is $1614.

Jenelle Harold

Milo Derijk, age 32, was arrested for 3 failure to appears, No Bail.

Milo Derijk



December 3rd

Lori Staas, age 54, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant, Bail is $12,000

Lori Staas



December 4th

Cameron Keele, age 26, was arrested for an outstanding in another jurisdiction for failure to comply, No Bail.

Cameron Keele


Disclaimer: All pictures and arrest information is gathered from public information contained from the Winnemucca Police Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s reports. All charges and citations do not imply guilt and will be decided in a court of law.

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