Hork’s Corner Week 3

Well I did what I said I was going to do and went a perfect 5-0 and beat Tony by 1 game so we are all tied up after 2 weeks of play at 9-4. I decided to go the upset route this week and I’m sure my buddy Tony will play it safe. Here are my predictions for week 3.     GO BUCKAROOS


                                                                                             Fernley at Lowry

                      1-1            0-2

The Buckaroos should have some key players back this week. The Fernley team is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Bucks in an upset.

                  Fernley 20  Lowry 22



            Sparks at Dayton

        0-2        1-1

Here are two teams trying to establish some wins within a season. Dayton has one now comes #2.

              Sparks 12  Dayton 18




           Wooster at Elko

                   0-2           1-0

I’m not convinced that Elko is an upper tier team but Wooster is just a bad team.

              Wooster 18  Elko 28




                      Spring Creek at South Tahoe

                    1-1              1-0

Spring creek looked good last week against the Buckaroos with lots of speed. I see more of the same.

                      Spring Creek 24   South Tahoe 6




                      Truckee at Fallon 

                      2-0         1-1

Truckee is the class of the league and Fallon doesn’t have enough horses.

                       Truckee 24  Fallon 21

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