Another Tech Company Moves to Reno Area

CAEK (pronounced ‘cake’) Incorporated announced on Monday that it is moving its entire management team to Downtown Reno, and bringing about 150 jobs with it.

CAEK is a software company that developed a program for medical providers, which helps them comply with federal privacy laws. The company’s founder said at the announcement Monday that there’s a big need for this technology across the nation, but especially here in the west. That was one factor that drew them to Reno.

“It was a fantastic fit for our company,” CAEK Co-Founder Katie Lay said. “Not only from a talent pool perspective, but access to capital on the west coast, and the governor’s incentive program.”

Lay said they will build their workforce in Northern Nevada over the next five years, with starting salaries at about $27 an hour. And they plan to do a chunk of their hiring straight from the university; which will help keep the best and brightest here in Northern Nevada.

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