Hork’s Corner Week 2

Well the first week of High School football predictions was a little rough for both Tony and myself. I went 4-4 last week and Tony Erquiaga edged me out with a 5-3 record. I will try and rebound this week and get a perfect 5-0. I know Tony will also try and do the same but it is always about the upset.



   Spring Creek at Lowry 

              0-1            0-1

Both teams are looking for their first win and I think some home scenery just might do the trick for the Bucks. Unfortunately this week there are to many key players missing due to injury so I feel Spring Creek will prevail.

       Spring Creek 36  Lowry 20



                      Elko at Dayton 

              0-0        1-0

    Dayton got it’s first win in a couple of years and Elko has it’s first game of the season. Elko should win this game.

                Elko 36  Dayton 30



                                     Truckee at Wooster 

                                   1-0            0-1

                                Even though Wooster is an improved football team Truckee will be to much for the Colts.

                                  Truckee 36 Wooster 12



                            Sparks at South Tahoe  

                         0-1              0-0

             Sparks takes to the road for the second week in a row and unfortunately it will  the same outcome as last week.

                               Sparks 6   South Tahoe 32




                           Fenley at Fallon  

                           0-1          1-0

                  Fallon won versus a weak Hug team and Fernley played up in competition in its loss last week.

                       Fernley 24  Fallon 21


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