Get Your Cardio Without the Treadmill


We all know cardio is essential for keeping your heart strong. Plus, it can give your energy levels a boost and keep your metabolism revved all day long. So if your get bored on a treadmill then check out other ways to get a cardio workout without setting a foot on the treadmill.

Biking is an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors while burning major calories and toning your lower body. Aim for a 20- to 40-minute ride. You can jump rope. It’s a killer cardio workout that tones your core and builds stamina. Step up your cardio with a stair workout. Stair routines are a favorite cardio workout because they sculpt your entire lower body and raise your heart rate. Kickboxing is an extremely effective cardio workout. Short rest periods mixed with high bursts of energy, will engage your entire body and torch calories. You’ll get some extra core toning too, which helps to improve posture, digestion and breathing.

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