Centene Corporation to Provide Health Coverage in Nevada



Gov. Brian Sandoval announced on Tuesday an agreement with a Missouri-based company to make sure health insurance is available to 8,000 rural Nevadans who faced the loss of their coverage after Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield pulled out of the state’s health care exchange.

The deal is with Centene Corp. in partnership with the Nevada-based Hometown Health and will help ensure coverage is available to all Nevadans.

Centene will operate in Nevada as SilverSummit through the Silver State Healthcare Insurance Exchange. They will provide statewide coverage, including 14 rural counties including Humboldt.

Sandoval said this “Today’s announcement will ensure that more than 8,000 Nevadans will have the ability to exercise their option to utilize Nevada’s online marketplace and secure coverage for their families.”

Centene’s updated rates for Nevada have yet to be announced.

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