BLM Winnemucca District Conducting Road Repairs Next Two Weeks

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Winnemucca District will be doing road repairs in the Gerlach and Sulfur areas for the next two weeks, working Monday through Saturday.  
Crews will be begin working in the Gerlach-Highway 34 area Monday, May 15th and anticipate completion around Saturday, May 27th.  Starting May 16th, the Sulfur-Jackson Rd., a major thoroughfare connecting Jungo Rd. and Highway 140, will be undergoing repairs until May 26th. Crews from the Winnemucca District and Vale District BLM Offices will be grading, filling in pot-holes and wash-outs, and replacing culverts.  
The goal is to repair some of the damage to BLM system roads from this year’s winter storms.  With fire season right around the corner, improvement of the roads will also allow firefighters safe and efficient access to fires in those areas.
“Thanks to the public for bringing the issues to our attention, and thank-you for your patience. We hope by the end of the month to have the winter and spring storm damage repaired across the entire length of both roads,” said Mark Hall.
The Winnemucca District is asking the public to be cautious when travelling on any of the off-highway roads on the district and to please report damaged roads to the district.  
Courtesy: Terah Malsam, Public Affairs Specialist, BLM Winnemucca District
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