Humboldt County Flooding Update Feb 14th

For the past several days we have continued our daily meetings with the National Weather Service in preparation for anticipated flooding of the Humboldt River.  Currently, the river is at moderate flood stage in Battle Mountain, and is predicted to reach flood stage in the Golconda area between tonight and tomorrow. We have identified several homes, and one business that may be affected and are currently making notifications to the occupants.  Other areas of concern, are the bridges and culverts on both Eden Valley Road, and State Route 789.  Humboldt County Emergency Manager, Sheriff Mike Allen, has made a request to the Department of Emergency Management to have a high clearance personnel mover staged in Humboldt County in preparation for stranded residents who may get caught on the opposite side of the bridges.  We have also been in contact with area mines to discuss rural roads that may be used as an alternate route back to Winnemucca.  We would like to remind Golconda area residents that sandbags are available at the Golconda Fire Station.

The National Weather Service has reported that some of the gauges in which they monitor the speed of the river have not been functioning correctly, and have been giving false high readings.  While no doubt the Winnemucca area will still see flooding towards the end of the week, it will be at a slower flow rate than previously predicted.

We will continue working with other local Public Safety Agencies, and Public Works Departments.  A sand bag station will be set up at the Humboldt County Detention Center Thursday morning.

Courtesy: Captain Kevin Malone, HCSO